About us

Going through our years of professional experience with well-known companies, a wide range of Engineering services and Development strategies involvements has been achieved.

In 1994, we started our career in ARABTECH JARDANEH Engineers & Architects with a group of designers and engineers responsible for a wide range of building’s types which gave us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with various technicalities and knowledge related to architecture and engineering coordination procedures and problems solving experience.

In 1998, we joined Zara Consultancy & Projects Management Company in the field of Project’s Management, Planning, Scheduling, Tendering process, Contractual Services, Construction, Technical Reports, Financial Reports and Management skills which was and added value to our professional experience.

In 2000, a Development Company Jordan Projects for Tourism Development was established responsible for developing 2.4 Million m2 land at Aqaba South Coast with multi-purpose projects, supporting facilities and utilities called (TALA BAY). Our responsibilities were to act as Owner Representative during the design, permit and construction stage, review all Architectural design submittals and manage a team of Architects, Civil Engineer, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, review various studies and reports submitted by various Consultants. Also, strengthen the company policies for future projects, determining the Project’s Budget cost, feasibility study, business plan and prepare TOR and RFP for all Design and Supervision tenders,.

In 2007, DAMAC Investment & Properties Company-The largest Master Developer in the Middle East was responsible for two significant
Development Projects (Residential & Commercial Towers) at the New Downtown of Amman-Abdali Project. Acting as Owner Representative during the design stage which also extended to supervise actual executed works activities at Site and insure compliance with the design, Tracking milestones and timelines.

In 2010, | WT | Architects was establish. Providing excellent services in the field of architecture through the application of engineering skills and expertise in the translation of creative ideas to designed features and offer a strong philosophy based on the engineering and the development of thought and place -the owner- in the heart of the design until the final product build a strong social relationships based on understanding and dissemination of architectural and aesthetic sense.